Traditional Scottish Drums

If you’re looking for a traditional Scottish Wecht drum, please get in touch with us. 

At the Woodland Tannery we produce some of the earliest examples of Scottish drums, which after extensive research over the last decade, and with support from a variety of Scotland’s folk museums, we have rediscovered the origins of. We are currently the only remaining living makers of these drums, having drawn from our research to develop our own unique yet traditional style of Wecht. 

These ancient Scottish drums would have been used for a variety of purposes – alongside being a musical instrument they functioned as an agricultural tool to process oats, process wool and as a communicating device in times of rebellion and war from as early as the 14th century.

Evidence shows that the earliest Scottish drums came with open back which allowed them to be played similar to a Bodhran, which has similar origins.

Traditionally they were primarily made of sheep, along with deer and goat which would be widely available to crofters working out on the land. We can provide them made in a variety of these hide types.

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