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The Woodland Tannery is an exciting new social enterprise based on Scotland’s rich history of leather tanning and forest management.

Our highly sustainable venture relies entirely on natural materials sourced locally such as oak,spruce and willow bark from local Estates and provides employment for local members of our community. Our tannery unlike many others uses only natural materials based on an traditional recipes to tan our leather utilising wild deer hides, sheepskins from local farms and fish skins from Scotland’s finest smoke salmon suppliers.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at our artisan tannery, unlike most large scale tanneries we produce no waste & use the small quantity of bi-products from our traditional tanning method to nurture our local soil. Through our tanning process we use only naturally sourced barks and oils which become mulch to nourish the soil and re-balance the pH of acidic soils found in coniferous woodlands.
Our leather doesn’t come into contact with nasty chemical so are kind to your skin and are kind to the soil when your product comes to the end of its life.

Our heritage is very important to us at the Woodland Tannery. We aim to rediscover and maintain traditional tanning knowledge from an era when tanning was a highly sustainable practice especially in our local area. Through working with experienced tanners, museums and archival records we have rediscovered the age old practice of bark and peat tanning which practised up until the 19th century in Fife and Perthshire and is an important part of Scotland’s history.

At our tannery we believe that quality takes time, akin to high quality whisky. our slow craft method takes between two months to a year to produce our traditional and sustainable leather.

Traditional values are at the heart of all our work, we hope to honour our heritage and our community in a highly sustainable way.

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