Bark Tanned Deer Leather

Our Scottish bark tanned deer leather is hand made utilising an ancient method practiced in the heart of Fife for generations, utilising a special recipe of moss, peat, tree bark (by-products from the local sawmill industry) & natural oils. Hides are tanned traditionally in a bark & peat solution for around 12 months, we believe that quality takes time much like a good whisky. Through our tanning process we use only naturally sourced barks & oils so they are kind to your skin & are kind to the soil when your product comes to the end of its life. Our unique bark tan leather makes beautiful material for any maker & designer producing upholstered furniture, clothing, shooting bags, handbags, knife sheaths. Our hides are natural products & each piece will vary in colour & size which makes each piece unique. Depending on its application we can make your leather soft & supple or less supple for items such as knife sheaths. For enquiries please fill in our contact form

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