Traditional Scottish Hide Tanning Course

11th – 17th August 2021 (Tickets now available)
Join us in the heart of the Scottish Highlands for a six day traditional hide tanning course.
Explore the ancient art of hide tanning and leather working practised in Scotland by our ancestors.
During the course you will produce your own buckskin deer hide for clothes making, bark tanned sheepskins as well as producing your own traditional leather drinking vessels.
During this course you will have time to craft, become part of a primitive skills community and escape to a beautiful place in nature.
This course will include:
  • learning ancient tanning methods practiced by our ancestors in Scotland
  • producing beautifully tanned buckskin and bark tan hides which you can use to make bags, clothing or bed rolls
  • producing your own natural water vessels and containers made of bark tan leather
  • staying next to a Highland Loch surrounded by beautiful mountains
  • evenings around the campfire
  • Animal processing
  • crafting tools from stone and other natural materials
  • beautiful Scottish surroundings, including woodland hikes, waterfalls and ancient Scottish sites such as the Falls of Acharan stone circle, iron age hill forts, old copper sites and the Fortingall Yew (one of the oldest trees in Britain)
This course is suitable for beginners, advanced tanners and previous participants.
Tickets and more information can be found on our booking form:
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