Ancestral Skills Gathering:
Wholesome Gathering
19th-25th August 2022

A primitive skills gathering encompassing crafting, fire, nature and community.
The opportunity to come together as a community based around building connections with each other and the landscape through working with natural materials.

What’s on offer

-A lovely community camp space within the heart of the Scottish Highlands
-multiple craft areas held by facilitators specialising in natural materials
such as wool, rush, hide, wood and stone
-Basic crafting tools
-Materials including wool, rushes, hides, willow and foraged materials from the landscape
-A central fire to cook, eat and sing around
-A wood fired sauna set in the mountains
-Woodlands and meadows to camp in
-The opportunity for walks along the beach, lochs and up the mountains
-The opportunity to visit ancient sites such as neolithic cup and ring carvings and Shielings

This gathering welcomes adults, families and children


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